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Applicants who apply for a new home mortgage with HFG HOLDINGS, LLC d/b/a Hall Financial, NMLS #1467435 ("Hall") may qualify for a credit to be applied toward closing costs if Hall is running a promotion at the time of application. The exact amount and specific details of the credit will depend on the applicable promotion available at the time of application. Applicants may only qualify for one (1) promotion per loan application. Applicants are only eligible for promotions that are in place at the time of application and are not eligible to participate in promotions that begin after application. Promotions may be modified or canceled in Hall's sole discretion, with or without notice to the applicant. All credits offered as a result of a promotion will be applied to offset closing costs at closing. Applicants that do not close a loan with Hall are not eligible for any benefit related to a promotion. Applicants are encouraged to speak with their home loan adviser for additional information.